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“Full-spectrum commercially-available hemp extract provides dose-dependent anxiolytic benefits in mice” 

Wagner, J., Arvila, B., Brooks, M., Webster, H., Reed, K., McGuinness, F., Fees, G., Haryu, T., Predovich, B., & Kaplan, J. S.


Many assessments of CBD’s efficacy have been limited by the use of isolated or synthetically-derived CBD, cannabis-derived CBD, or only assess acute exposure

  • Synthetic and isolated forms of CBD are practically non-existent
  • Many individuals cannot legally access cannabis-derived CBD
  • Consequently, many are turning to hemp-based extracts for chronic treatment of anxiety

Anxiety Study

We tested various doses of commercially available CBD for anxiolytic effects in mice


After one week of twice daily CBD dosing, mice showed reduced anxiety-like behavior and these effects were lost at higher doses consistent with previous studies


So What’s Next? 

  • We will assess various full spectrum hemp-derived CBD oils with varying cannabinoid and terpene compositions because these comparisons will provide important insight into the roles of terpenes and other cannabinoids in the efficacy of cannabis-based treatment.

  • We will incorporate  immunohistochemistry and electrophysiological assessments along with animal behavior to gain insight into the effects of hemp extracts on behavioral symptoms, molecular changes, and brain function. 

Our work demonstrates the importance of dose, even from full-spectrum hemp extracts, in CBD’s anxiolytic properties and they shed light on the role of terpenes and minor cannabinoids in these anxiolytic effects.

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